My initial inspiration for “Paving the Wave, For the Love of Surfing” was a film called Surfing for Life, by David L. Brown.  While his film addresses a different topic, it sparked a conversation about surfing culture and how much it evolved in the 20 years (1950-1969 respectively) known as the Golden Era.  From there, I met Johnny Rice who got me in contact with Tubesteak, who got me in touch with Dale Velzy...and the rest is history.  Johnny gave me the nickname “Duke of windshields” since I traveled over 100,000 miles interviewing many legends of surfing.

You can’t imagine how humble, entrepreneurial, intelligent, athletic and innovative these guys are.  They are still actively contributing new products and services to surfing and other industries.  In this challenging economic climate, it seems timely to present stories about true entrepreneurial spirit and innovative efforts.  It is important to document the history first hand to ensure that it is not re-written.  I spent hours researching each person before their interview and each one referred me to yet another person who they felt paved the way, and therefore must be included in this project. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to meet so many of the key contributors to the surfing industry and culture.  They have also had a significant impact on POP Culture.  “Paving the Wave, For the Love of Surfing” is a celebration of their accomplishments and an attempt to represent them in a way that reminds us that nothing appears out of nowhere, someone had to try it first.  Meet the men and women who did exactly that in “Paving the Wave, For the Love of Surfing”.  The title - “Paving the Wave” (paving the way...on the waves) is what they did.  “For the Love of Surfing” (added by Duke Boyd) is the passionate reason
why they did it.

Words cannot describe the amount of effort Duke & Elizabeth Boyd, Paul Strauch, Steve Pezman, Johnny & Rosmari Rice, Tubesteak, Richard Graham, Franny Palama, Bill Yerkes, Cecil Leer, Dick Catri, Hobie Alter, Mike Tabeling, Kemp Aaberg, Mike Doyle, Dick Metz and Barry Haun put into this film.  The list of people who have been supportive and helpful is endless.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started on this venture, it has been a series of indescribable experiences.  I thank all of them for sharing their stories and for paving the way for a culture and industry that has become the greatest lifestyle in the world!

Thank you for your interest in our film,

Eric Jordan, Director/Producer

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For the Love of Surfing


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