We have accumulated over 300 hours of interview footage and more than 1,000 photographs of these amazing innovators and cultural icons.  Here are a few clips for you to enjoy.


The casual voice of surfing, Bruce’s early surf films defined our sense of both cool demeanor and hot action. His perspective, being a popular buddy of all the hot and cool guys, was an insider’s view. His humor, creative chops, and subtle but considerable intelligence lay beneath his low-key persona. His final 1964 surf epic, “Endless Summer” blasted surfing mainstream.


Invented instrumental surf music in the 1950's, not the '60's as is commonly stated. He was given the title, "King of Surf Guitar" by fellow surfers. He met Leo Fender, the guitar and amplifier Guru who asked Dale to play his latest creation, the Fender Stratocaster. Leo Fender broke into uncontrolled laughter and disbelief while watching Dale play a right handed guitar upside down and backwards, a style later copied by Jimi Hendrix.


A bigger than life big wave hero, “Da Bull” operated one of the major surfboard brands during the 1960s heydays with a grand panche. He just couldn’t be missed in his black and white stripped trunks, roaring down the face of a monster Hawaiian wave. Now, tucked away near the mouth of the Smith River in Northern Calif., Noll builds beautiful historical wooden surfboard replicas the sport has ever seen, as a way to express his passion for the sport.


He opened one of the early surf shops and published the first East Coast surf magazine. While hosting a group of west coast surfing luminaries in 1964, Bill severed his spinal cord in an surfing accident from which he was saved from drowning by Mickey Munoz. As a quadriplegic, Wise courageously continued his surf stoke via writing articles for surf magazines and by constantly inspiring all his friends to appreciate their own freedom.


For the Love of Surfing


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