For the Love of Surfing


What if we told you that a few guys riding waves created a multi-billion dollar industry over half a century ago?  They turned a passion for surfing into an international and cultural phenomenon that has spawned everything from clothing lines to iconic movies.

From humble beginnings, corporate empires were built and fame and fortune followed.  However, none of that was ever really the goal of many of these surfers, “we were just kids on the beach,” as surf legend Hap Jacobs says.  Surfing was a way of life for them. There seems to be a very profound spiritual connection that surfers have with the sea, they become one with the ocean by connecting boards to waves.

“Paving the Wave, For the Love of Surfing” is a collection of interviews with some of the most influential surfers of the 20th century.  This is the story of pioneer surfboard shapers, innovators, surf clothing manufactures, surf photographers and cinematographers, cultural icons, cultural and historical experts, beach boys and beach girls, world surfing champions, stylist, hotdoggers and big wave surfers who were part of the surfing explosion of the 50’s and 60’s.



“Dale Velzy was the first guy to put his brand on a surfboard.  He operated his surfboard business with a half-pint of blue label in one pocket and his cash register in the other.  He and Joe Quigg imbued the sport with surfable surfboards.  He had the colorful attitude of the rebelious surfer, flipping off the world with one hand and riding life as if it were a wave.”

Steve Pezman,

Founder of Surfer’s Journal

Why? For the Love of Surfing...

                     Dale “The Hawk” Velzy, Master Shaper

Dale Velzy’s Shaping Shack, it was donated to the Surfing Heritage Foundation to preserve his tools and the memory of Dale’s incredible contribution to surfing’s rich history.

Dale Velzy

Manhattan Pier, 1946

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