Here is our growing list of interviews we have conducted for this project, it is one of the most comprehensive in the world.    

Galoon, Jim

Graham, Richard

Grannis, Leroy

Grigg, Ricky

Hackman, Jeff

Hamrock, Kim

Hansen, Don

Hemmings, Fred

Herzog, Fred

Hoffman, Joyce

Hoffman, Walter

Holland, Bob

Hollinger, Kimo

Hope, Dale

Jacobs, Hap

Jo Anderson, Kathy

Kahanamoku, Joann

Kampion, Drew

Kauo, Richard

Kekai, Rabbit

Kitchens, Joe

Kivlin, Matt

Kohner, Kathy

Lamb, John

Lear, Cecil

Lee, Sammy

Lee, Tommy

MacGillivray, Greg

Maki, Clarence

Martin, Terry

Meistrell, Bill & Bob

Metz, Dick

Morey, Tom

Morgan, Bev

Munoz, Mickey

Smith, Pete

Spencer, Yancy

Stange, Mike

Stewart, Bill

Strauch, Paul

Sutherland, Jock

Sweet, Dave

Tabeling, Mike

Takayama, Donald

Timmons, Grady

Torrance, Dean

Tracy, Terry

Twombly, Joe

Van Dyke, Fred

Velzy, Dale

Woznick, Bear

Weaver, Robert

Weber, Shea

Wise, Bill

Whitman, Dudley

Yater, Renny

Yerkes, Bill

Young, Nat

Munro, Mimi

Murphy, Jack

Noll, Greg

O'Hare, Pat

O'Neill, Jack

O'Neill, Pat

Pan, Peter

Peck, John

Pezman, Steve

Pomar, Philipe

Poppler, Jericho

Priest, Henry

Proper, Gary

Rarrick, Randy

Reed, Gaulden

Rice, Johnny

Richards, LJ

Savage, Skip

Scott, Robert

Severson, John

Seymour, Alan

Shepard, Bob

Shipley, Jack

Aaberg, Kemp

Alter, Hobie

Alter, Jeff

August, Robert

Auster, Ken

Baker, Bernie

Barris, George

Baxter, Jackie

Benson, Linda

Boyd, Duke

Brewer, Art

Brewer, Dick

Brown, Bruce

Brown, Dana

Brown, Woody

Buzby, Scott

Cabell, Joey

Cahna, Conrad

Calhoun, Marge

Carroll, Corky

Catri, Dick

Chew, Richard

Codgen, Claude

Cole, Peter

Copeland, Bing

Craig, Don

Dale, Dick

Devine, Jeff

DiMenna, Ron

Dobranski, Mike

Doyle, Mike

Ekstrom, Carl

Frye, Skip

Fuller, Jim

Galento, Charlie

Duke Boyd, Tommy Lee and Joey Cabell

Steve Pezman and Cecil Leer

Dick Catri, Surfer, promoter, organizer, board manufacturer from Miami Beach, Florida. Often referred to as the “Godfather of East Coast Surfing”.

The epitome of success is the ability to take what you would do for free and find a way to make your living doing it.  From the beaches to the boardrooms, they turned a few ideas and a hobby into a multi-billion dollar industry.  All, For the Love of Surfing...


“The beginning of Hang Ten basically started with a thought I had about how to make some money and it wasn’t going to be Hang Ten.  I was going to design some clothing and sell it to Catalina and I was hoping to get about $25 dollars for my designs.”

Duke Boyd, Founder of Hang Ten

Hang Ten became a world-wide phenomenon representing the cool surfing lifestyle, it went main-stream almost over night. His brand building philosophies have been adopted by multi-billion dollar companies throughout the world. 

For the Love of Surfing


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